Who is to blame?


Many times l have heard,seen and even read the horrendous acts being committed to women.Not a single day goes by without a woman shedding tears in the hands of a man.I wonder who is to blame is it our mothers who tell us that that’s what all marriages are ,or do we blame our church pastors and elders who are teaching us to be submissive to our husband for that is what is holy in the eyes of the Lord.

Sometimes we might be looking for who to blame but we are the cause of our dilemma because we choose to suffer in silence,for we choose to stay for the sake of the children.Who are we fooling though by staying we are causing more harm than good, harm to the children we have in the family,harm to the young woman in the community who have heard how we are suffering in the hands of the monster we call husband.Its high time we empower ourselves it’s high time we show the young generation that they have more options at their disposal rather than staying.Its high time we show our children that it is not an abomination to leave an abusive relationship and raise your children in a peaceful home.If we don’t the cycle will go own to our children they will be abused as well and they will make the same mistake that you did and they will stay because we have taught them that it’s ok to be emotionally and physically abused.So who will we blame when every day we have a headline of partners burning each other to death, partners poisoning each other only because you have refused to let go,only because you have refused to start afresh.

Are we going to blame the government for not enforcing stiffer penalties on the pepetrators .l believe a change begin with us refuse to tolerate abuse and move on and you won’t be the one to blame for you did something