How to prepare for a job interview part2


When going to an interview one must be aware that the interviewers have expectations and criticism of how you present yourself.They are mainly focused on finding out about you as an individual and determine if you are best fit to do their job.So one when preparing for an interview must be prepared to meet their expectations, overcome their criticism and prove to them that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

All this can be achieved if one is fully prepared for the interview so how can one be prepared for the interview?.The first thing you must be familiar with is the organization as a whole what is it all about,what are their principles and values this shows to the panel that you are interested in working with them since you took your time to find out as much as you can about their company and knowing about the company is also an advantage to you as a candidate because the natural anxiety of stepping into the unknown will be reduced since you would have familiarized yourself with the organization.

The next step in preparing for your interview is doing the job match analysis.This is done using the job description of the position you want to apply for.You can use this to picture the kind of candidate they want ,and you can also make up questions they are most likely to ask you based on their description and how best you can respond to that.For example if the job description specifies that the candidate is going to be involved in managing change then you can practice answering questions like what changes have you implemented before? , Where the changed necessary and so many questions can be derived from that statement.So one should familiriase themselves with the job description inorder for them to be prepared for the questions which they might be asked.

The third step in preparing for the interview is knowing yourself.This means one should be able to talk about any aspect of you and your life easily and openly without thinking too much.This is essential for you must be able to convince the panel of the kind of person you are and showing them that you are also honest

Finally you should rehears for your interview before you go.This is done to boost your confidence and for you to be able to develop your own replies when probed by the interviewers.ask someone to be pretend to be the interview and use the job description to formulate questions.

When all this is done with ample time your interview will be a piece of cake