How to write a cv**


A curriculum vitae often shortened as CV is a personal marketing tool used by the employee to lure the employer.

The CV should always be custom_made for each job you must not use the same CV for companies who are in different line of work.The CV should be precise,luring and fully detailed.For it is the only thing that can plead to the employer on your behalf for them to call you for the interview.

In your CV you should first of all include your personal details that is your gender ,age and nationality for this will help the employer to indentify if you are among the type of candidate they want.One should also give a description about the kind of person they are that is their strength, weakness personality the job description should also guide you on the type of person that they are looking for and you can also use this that’s why your CV should not be the same for all your applications.

Give background information about your educational success’s that is the type of qualifications you have.One should try to include all the qualifications they have that they think will improve their chances of getting the job basing on the job description and where you have worked before in your CV for work experience is always an advantage but not to despair even if you don’t have it.

One should avoid writing unnecessary information on the CV which will not help you in getting the job for instance stating your favorite food or your favorite color this is unnecessary when it comes to the job you are looking for.

Lastly you should always bear in mind that inorder to have a good cv always study the job description first.