Minnie Dlamini has had it with the bad publicity



Minnie Dlamini jones the renowned business woman and a familiar face on our TV screens as she is a presenter.Since she came in the limelight in 2010 people did not take it easy on her for they always had something negative to say about her.The criticism got worse when she got married to Quinton Jones who is a TV producer.

Minnie has always been sensitive towards questions which probe into her personal life.Due to her skin glow and weight many fans have been quick to conclude that she is pregnant and this is one of the personal questions she hate being asked.

Minnie did not take time in clearing the air on the speculation on wether or not she is pregnant.She stated that her weight gain is due to her having peace of mind and happiness after getting married.

Quinton and Minnie tied the knot in 2017,even though they do not have a baby yet she has highlighted that she cannot wait to make her husband a father.

It is said that children are a gift from God and it is not entirely up to the couple to decide when to have a baby because some people struggle when it comes to this issue.She really dislike it when people continuously ask her when she is having a baby and she said when the time is right she will have children of her own.