The wonders lemon water can do if taken on an empty stomach in the morning



Over the years the use of the lemon fruit have been evolving.Lemons are among the citrus fruit family, it is well know for it’s sweet aroma and refreshing taste.Due to these characteristics many have now opted to using it for many things like perfumes,adding freshness to meals and it’s also used in drinks to mention just a few of it’s uses.

Vitamin C is mainly found in lemons compared to other citrus fruits that is why it is highly recommend by medical practitioners.Vitamin C has many benefits to the human body which include immune-boosting , fight bacterias and viruses.One of the best way to enjoy all this benefits is by taking the lemon as juice.The juice helps in cleaning the liver ,. It also helps in the digestive system which will minimise the chances of bloating.

The lemon juice has been playing a major role in terms of weight loss.It achieves this by increasing the body’s metabolic rate which will lead to burning of many fat cells.lnorder to loose weight through using the lemon juice it must be taken with warm water on an empty stomach this will lead to amazing results.It has also has numerous other health benefits.The nutrition guru at Edison Institute of Nutrition have listed many advantages of taking warm water every morning.

A rich source of vitamin C, lemon possess immense health benefits ranging from its antibacterial and antiviral properties to its immune-boosting abilities. One of the popular ways to reap the health benefits of lemon is by taking it as a juice. Lemon water can be used in aiding the digestive system ,can also help the body get rid of toxins in the body and helps in cleaning the liver leading to a health digestion.

Lemon juice is also an important catalyst when it comes to weight loss as it increases the body’s metabolic rate. Those interested in loosing weight they can take warm lemon water on an empty stomach every morning this can produce wonderful results. Other than the weight loss benefits, drinking warm lemon water every morning also has numerous other benefits. The nutrition experts at Edison Institute of Nutrition have listed some of the most effective health benefits of drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

1. It detoxifies the body

2. Drinking lemon water will add in the digestive system.

3. It has been proven that it solves all toothache problems if the lemon juice is taken with warm water

4. Lemon juice with warm water also minimises constipation as it helps in natural bowel movement

5. Helps with maintaining digestive health.

6) Common flue can be fought using lemon juice

7) Respiratory tract infections ,sore throat and tonsils can all be minimised through using lemon juice since it has the anti-inflammatory property

8)Lemon juice can be used as a remedy for skin problems like acne and rush

9) Lemon juice is also very effective when it comes to cleansing the liver as it promotes the liver to flush out toxins.

10)Lemon juice with warm water helps keep the body hydrated as it provides electrolytes to the body.

11) Drinking lemon juice with warm water also helps reduce joint and muscle pain.

12).All problems of dehydration can be solved by taking lemon juice with warm since it contains electrolytes

13) Lemon juice is also famously known in weight loss as it increases the metabolic system of the body

General FAQ

What Is Lemon Water?

It is a combination of warm and freshly squeezed lemon juice.To speed up the process or for other additional benefits ginger and honey can be added also to the mixture.

How lemon water work in the Body?

Lemon water helps to increase has a lot of vitamin c which boost the body’s immune system.It also assist the body in detoxing.The digestive system and the body bowel movement are also helped by the lemon water.

How Do You Take Lemon Water?

Boil your cup of water squeeze in the lemon juice in the water and stir.wait for it to cool down a bit and drink.

How many times should you take the lemon water in a day?

A cup or two in the morning will be enough to help restore the water lost during the night and boost your dig
estive system before eating.

Source;Edison institute of nutrition