Black people being segregated in China



One would think that the corona virus would bring nation’s together, people of different race will start appreciating and loving each other because this pandemic its a global problem but others think otherwise.

It started as a rumour and soon footages were circulating all over social media showing how black people were being treated in China especially those who tested positive to the virus.

Many Africans in Guangzhou are being evicted from their place of accommodation for no just cause.This mainly affecting students who had gone to study in China there is a case of one Nigerian student called Ade.He landlord just came and gave him a midnight notice for him to leave his premises without even giving him any explanation.

The police were actually present to assist the landlord instead of standing with the poor student.He spent many nights sleeping on the streets only because he is black.We can not blame this cruel treatment of another human being on the virus because they tested him and he came out negative they still insist he should self quarantine.

This unjust treatment on black people keep on getting worse recently a notice was shown in McDonald’s restaurant saying ” the restaurant was off limits for black people”.Even though China apologized for this note one can never stop wondering if it’s black people who are the carriers of the diseases or if the virus is only killing black people.

Why is China discriminating black people conducting multiple test on them and forcing them to quarantine whilst they are not doing so whites or any other race which is not African.

Guangzhou is the leading city when it comes to being racist against black people.The police are forcing black people in to live in the street saying they should self isolate this leave me to wonder how can one self isolate when they are in the streets.They all end up being in quarantine hotels which now look like detention cells for black people for you rarely find any other race their.

Chinese nationals are dispersed in many African countries where they have their factories,business and some have even permanently relocated to African countries.lf the African people also start treating the Chinese the same way they are treating their fellow African man will it be just .It’s high time the Chinese smell the coffee and fight the real enemy which is covid-19.Discrimating black people won’t stop the virus neither will it stop the virus from killing the Chinese.

The virus is real and it’s deadly.It does not look at race, gender or nationality it just kills let’s unite and put to an end this virus. *Lets* *stop* *black* *discrimination* *in* *china*