Whilst corona virus cases keep on rising here are something’s you can do to strengthen your lungs.



The most important organ in the human body is the lungs Lately the lungs have been prone to lung cancer but you can lower your chance of getting it by using garlic Ginger is popularly known for its anti- inflammatory charectistics this will assist in clearing your lungs

Even though the lungs are the most important organ in our body people do not usually take care of them.we use our lungs to breathe but during the process the lungs also inhale toxic air.The toxic air is found in polluted areas and also from smoking.Smoking does much damage to the lungs the tar found in cigarettes turn the lungs black thus weakening them in the process.Thats why it is very important for people to detoxify their lungs regularly this will help in getting rid of toxins.Food can also help in the cleaning of the lungs that’s why we should make healthy food choices, this will help in minimizing lung diseases such as pneumonia,asthma and respiratory problems to mention just a few.

Can we keep our lungs clean?

Inhaling steam is the most common treatment used to treat flue and coughs.

Healthy lungs often result in a strong healthy system for an individual. The best thing about the lung is that once they are no longer exposed to pollution from air or from smoking they get rid of the toxins on their own.For example when one quits smoking it will remove the tar on it as a result of smoking on its own.

After the lungs have been exposed to pollution, such as pollution from factories and from smoking cigarettes.This will result in the chest being congested and feeling heavy.

However people can get rid of this congestion and other uncomfortable symptoms by using certain tips that have been proven to work.

Some of these tips help by opening up the airways, they also help in increasing the lungs capacity, and reduce inflammation, they also help reduce or minimise the effects of air pollution.

Methods that can be used to clear the lungs.

We will take a look at some breathing exercises that can help in clearing the lungs and some lifestyle improvement that can help eradicate excess mucus from the lungs and improve breathing.

1. Steam Inhalation

steam inhalation is whereby one will be inhaling water steam inorder to open the airways and assist the lungs to drain mucus.

During winter people with lung conditions notice that their symptoms worsen. This is because when it’s cold or when the air is dry the mucous membranes dry out in the airways and blood flow is limited.

Therefore through steam inhaling the steam warms and moisturise the air, this may improve breathing and it will assist in the loosening of the mucus inside the airways and lungs. Inhaling water vapor may help people breathe more easily.

A small study was done involving 16 males lung condition that makes it harde for them to breathe, found that steam mask therapy helped in their breathing problem compared to the non mask steam therapy.However this improvement in breathing was not long term so although it is effective more study still need to be conducted.

2. Remove mucus from the lungs

Alternatively lying in different positions will help remove mucus from the lungs through using gravity.This method may improve breathing and help cure or minimise lung infections.

The above method differ according to the position used.

1. On your back

Lie down on facing up either on the bed or floor.

The chest should be lower than the hips inorder to obtain this you can support yourself by using pillows and you place them under your hips.

Slowly breath in using your nose and breathe out using your mouth. The time you take breathing out should be double the time you take breathing in this is known as the 1:2 breathing.

Do this for a few more minutes.

2. Lying on your side

Rest your head on a pillow or an arm rest whilst you are lying on your side.

Place pillows under the hips.

Repeat the 1:2 breathing technique

Hold on to this position for a few more minutes.

Do this again whilst on the other side

3. Exercise
Frequently doing exercises boost people’s physical and mental health, and it lowers the chances of getting many health conditions like heart problems.

Exercise pushes the muscles to work more and this will result in the increase of breathing rate of the body leading to a great supply of oxygen to the muscles. Blood circulation is also improved this will also help in the removal of excess carbon dioxide that is produced when the body is exercising.

Diet also contributes to lung health below are some food which are of great help.

1.Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.They are loaded with nutrients, high in energy and also high in fiber.Apples are also health because they are low in calories. They also contain vitamin C, which is very vital when it comes to maintaining a strong and healthy respiratory system. When the respiratory system is strong it can fight off lung diseases and prevent them naturally.

Just like garlic ,ginger is also anti- inflammatory this is very vital when it comes to clearing the lungs.Ginger can be taken as a spice or you can make ginger tea
You can add ginger to various dishes as it is a widely used herb. Also you can add it in your morning tea.You can also mix it with garlic and warm water this is a good detox solution.

3.Green tea: Green tea is a herbal tea which is taken without sugar or milk you can add honey for it to taste. It is taken before going to bed so that whilst you sleep it will help the body release toxins in the colons this will reduce chances of constipation or other stomach sickness. You should try not to overwork your lungs during this purification process.