10 tips that can make the lockdown enjoyable and avoid being bored whilst you are safe by SADAG



Durban – Lately the cases being reported of the covid – 19 have been increasing, being on lockdown all the uncertainty surrounding it can all be too much to bear according to the depression and anxiety group in South Africa.There are frequent guidelines and recommendation being issued out around the globe regarding the covid-19 this is causing many to panic and be constantly worried.

Dessy Tzoneva who is a clinical psychologist assured the people that they must know that they are not alone in this situation.She said it is ok to feel concerned about our well-being or even feel alarmed due to the shortages of hand saniters and the way people are stocking food which can even last for 6 month.During that moment always remember that you are not alone.So SADAG has come up with some ideas that can help you through the lockdown:

Make and keep a timetable for yourself and follow it through for instance know that when l wake up l work out , bath ,eat and etc follow your routine everyday.

Minimise the time that you and your family spend watching TV or on social media platforms where they are posting about this corona this will keep you constantly worried watch here and there but try to avoid it most of the time and only watch what is helpful.

Accept the situation as it is don’t be in denial the situation is frightening and there is nothing you can do about it .Give yourself time to come in terms with this.After you are over it focus your energy on things you have control over.Create a to do list avoid keeping yourself idle.Involve you and your family into activities like gardening, trying out new recipes and even watching movies ,just find something to keep you occupied.When you no longer have ideas to keep you busy ask your friends and relatives what they are doing during the lockdown you will get some ideas from them.

If you have to take medication every month don’t be stressed about this talk to your pharmacist they will arrange the home delivery facility for you.

However for some people the situation maybe too much for them to handle.Dont suffer in silence talk to someone or even call SADAG and you can speak to a therapist.Join support groups be it on WhatsApp or Facebook make use of the video call always stay connected to people.

Try as much as possible to avoid things that are triggering your anxiety be it Twitter,Facebook or Whatsapp group avoid them uninstall them or exit because what is more important is your sanity.

This is the time for family and friends to be there for one another.Share ideas on how best you can keep yourselves safe and always be a helping hand to one another.

Focus your energy on things you can control.Focus on your attitude,your health, your thinking because these are the things that matter.

Having this feeling of oneness and feeling connected to the community or the world is really vital for hope and healing.Always try to stay connected to your friends and family it will truly help.