Cyril Ramaphosa said “A R350 grant will be given to all the jobless people for the next six months”


President Ramaphosa yesterday addressed the nation yesterday announcing how the government is going to support it’s people during these trying times.The president stated that all the unemployed will get a grant of R350, all those who were on the old age grant will receive an additional R250 on top of what they were getting and there is also going to be an increament of R300 on the child grant.South African citizen were very happy about the president generosity towards the poor and they praised him for it.

This was a wise decision by the president for it shows that he is a president who has his people at heart.The nation was looking at his leadership skills and he proved to be a good leader at a time when it was needed the most.Due to this many people will now start seeing him differently even those who no longer believed in him.President Cyril Ramaphosa also notified the nation that he will address the topic about ending the lockdown in South Africa on Thursday.He made many people smile yesterday.Lastly let’s remember this we can beat this virus together South Africa

Your view is well welcomed on the comment section. How well can you judge the President leadership technic?

Souce:Sabc news