EFF is against the idea of incurring debt and is advocating for the increased grant to become the official grant



The party reacted positively to the move taken by the government to take into their budget R500bn which will be used towards the economical relief program.They hope that after the pandemic black people would have learnt how to manage their economy and have more control of it.

The Eff made a statement on Tuesday evening and they seemed to be in support of the decision taken by The president of offering economic relief packages.

However their main concern is that the government and other industrial development corporation should invest in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment rather than buying them from China for this move could also be beneficial to the country.

They were pleased with the increase in grants and the introduction of the new grants which cater for the unemployed.However they do not want these grants to only be a short term thing and they proposed that they remain like that for the long term.

The party also demanded that when it comes to food distribution fairness and equality should be implemented without looking at the party the person supports.Therefore politicians should stay out of it since there are cases of councillors holding on to the food which was meant to be given to the poor.

They also stated that the reopening of the economy and the ending of the lockdown should be done with caution so as to avoid consumer exploitation by companies who are looking forward to make huge profits.

They added: “The EFF is still against the idea of borrowing money from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as sources even though the money is going to be used for the economic stimulus and relief package. This debt comes with conditions which will deprive the nation of its fiscal and monetary policy freedom in the long run.”

They also asked for a plan to be put in place regarding how the education calendar and this calender should cater from primary education to tertiary education.

The closed their statement on the stand that the crisis should be taken as an opportunity for black people to have control of their economy.Black people should no longer be on the margins of economic ownership but should now have the upper hand.