COVID-19: US freezes fund for who and China helped with $30m



File:  Donald Trump who is the president of USA accused WHO of being biased towards China  despite the heavy funding from  Washington

BEIJING – Days after Washington  announced that it is going to cease funds meant for WHO China stepped in said it will give   $30-million to the World Health Organization to assist it  in the world wide  fight against the covid-19  pandemic. The US, which is the major donor to  WHO, last week blamed the  organization of  “mismanaging” the corona virus crisis, attracting  ire from China  as both countries fight  over the deadly pandemic.

Geng Shuang who is the foreign ministry spokesperson said the additional donation would add onto the  previously donated money which was  $20-million in total  and  this fund can  help “strengthen the health systems of the developing countries”.

He went on to say  that China’s contribution to the UN agency “shows  the trust and support the Chinese government has on who trust of the Chinese government and it’s citizens towards WHO”.

When Donald Trump was announcing that he is going to freeze the funding last week, he blamed  WHO of hiding  how deadly the Coronavirus was in China    before it spread.

He has also accussed  WHO of  “very biased towards China ” even though  Washington’s give most of the funding.Explainer: The impact of  Donald Trump’s funding cuts to WHO has to  the  world

Trump stated that, US taxpayers supplied  between $400-million and $500-million per annum to  WHO, while  China on the other hand only  contributes about $40 million per annum  or  even less”.


Trump also believe that the outbreak could have been managed with only a minimum little deaths record if only   WHO  had investigated  the situation in China correctly..


The deadly pandemic so far has   killed  more than 181,000 people  worldwide, it first  emerged in Wuhan the  central  city of China  , which went on  locked down in towards the end of  January to minimise the spread of the virus.

Beijing has encouraged  the US to stand by  WHO-led global action against the virus  after it stopped funding, observers cautioned though that the US freeze will cause damage for the WHO’s other disease