Inorder to survive people should apply for money from the uif



Many people will loose their income because of this covid-19.Most companies will be compensated by the uif.This will leave many people concerned over their jobs.

Most companies in the country now are closed as a result of the lockdown and many companies are not making any profits during this period and they are relaying on the money they make from their company overseas to pay their employers.The overseas companies can not sustain the payroll for many people which is not a good sign because we would not like people to end up with no jobs at a time like this.Many people are dealing with stressful situations, All the people who work at restaurant or those that are self-employed they will loss their jobs .The corona virus outbreak the cause of stress and worry that many people have now.The government is in a difficult situation right now inorder for them to cater for everyone they will resort to paying people half or 3/4 of their in order to fight this covid-19.The benefits can no longer be given to every worker and this might lead to the retrenchment of some employees. Some of the companies have given their employees letters to submit to submit to the bank inorder for it to stop all debit stand orders.Many employer’s are not aware of the fund, and this could lead some employers to retrech their workers inorder to cut cost.This will leave our people vulnerable to job losses because of the lockdown.It seems like the lockdown will take many months than what they anticipated.

As it is now many people are really troubled for they do not know if their jobs are safe or not because the uif money will not be enough to cover all the expenses.