The damage alcohol cause to your immune system



Since the lockdown alcohol sales have sky rocketed as people attempt to kill boredom with it.Some sources have pegged the increase in sales to 55% towards March month end.

Health officials and expert’s around the world are very worried about the increase in the purchase of alcohol.They stated that alcohol could make people more prone to illness like respiratory diseases.

alcohol contains toxins in it , and this toxin is the one that damages the immune system.This also may lead to virul infections, that may cause an outbreak of more serious diseases and it may take years to completely recover.The most common signs of this disease include vomiting, fever and fatigue just to mention a few.

Permanent side effects that alcohol cause on your immune system – The permanent effects of consuming alcohol on your immune system can happen in different ways. In some instances the damage can not be reversed, a person can have the effect of chronic alcoholism for many years and the damage can start to show now.

Alcohol disrupts the release and production of white blood cells ,other types of immune cells and neutrophils. Alcohol also disturbs the release of an immune chemical called acetylcholine (also called ACh).This immune chemical is the one that lead to the production of mental alertness, it is also produced when one consumes alcohol. Brain cells can also lead to the production of Acetylcholine.The combination of alcohol and acetylcholine reduces the effectiveness of the immune system.

Social stress – alcohol will increase social stress. This stress triggers changes in the hypothalamus region of the brain which is responsible for regulating bodily functions that include heart rate, breathing and sleeping Hormones, commonly known as corticosteroids, that are produced by your adrenal glands and are released into your bloodstream. Corticosteroids are very vital when it comes to maintaining muscle mass and bone health. Alcohol consumption also cause the level of corticosteroid to decline, and this will increase inflammation and lead to cell damage, which ultimately leads to organ failure.

If you want to stop alcohol from damaging your immune system and to make sure it stays in good health you have to

1. Minimize alcohol consumption

2. Minimize the consumption of fatty foods and try to avoid taking
processed or refined foods (like cake, cereal to mention just a few because they have high sugar content (see Diet)

3. Eat a healthy diet which is low in fat and in sugar.

4. Quit smoking and try to be active (since nicotine and other tobacco-linked toxins harm your immune system and has been proveñ to lower your immune system vulnerability to disease.)

Assuming you are just implementing some easy prevention advice to protect your body from being driven into attack mode.

Source:SouthAfrica doctors