Volunteers donated cooked food to hundreds of people


The cooked food was meant to feed the children who live in the poor neighborhood.However a pensioner got lucky and got his own food container when he accompanied his little one to go and get his own food.

The lucky pensioner was Johan klaase he walked back home holding two foam containers in one hand whilst the other held his grandchild.

The grandchild is ready to devour the rice they were given and the grandfather cautioned the grandchild not to be wild.

Apart from Klaase many people also received the cooked food.This food was distributed at Athburg walk and Hanover Park on a Wednesday.

When the reporter for News 24 caught up with Klaase he was really happy about the food he actually commented that “this will probably be the only cooked meal we eat today.”

Even though he was retired klaase used make a few extra rands through fixing people’s appliances and stoves.Due to the lockdown he can no longer carry out his services because people now don’t have money to pay him.

Klaase stays in a council home with his two daughters and five grandchildren.He also expressed how his daughter is embarrassed that he is taking food from donors.

A consultant for the District Six Working Committee Mrs Karen Breytenbach orchestrated the efforts on Wednesday, she said she was helped by volunteers who prepared the meals and also those who donated the ingredients.

Mrs Breytenbach, the committee’s chairperson and owner of Woodstock Breweries, Andre Viljoen on Wednesday briefly meet with the Mayor of Cape Town Mr Dan Plato, and he also assisted with handing out food to the kids.

During their brief discussion they were trying to come up with a plan on how to produce food in large quantity inorder to to assist poor people across the city on a daily basis within the next few days, Breytenbach said.

She said inorder for this work we have to work together as a team.This include working with farmers who are producing food in excess but can not supply to there customers, also work with volunteers who are ready to save and the hungry in the city.

The mayor said partnerships like this were very important to ensure that the poor are free.

He told News24 that
“What I have witnessed here [in Hanover Park] is poverty-stricken people with nothing to eat.”

“What gladens my heart is that people don’t want to get food through stealing they just want a plate of food a day to sustain them.”

Plato said he was going to donate a stove, pots and ingredients to the local soup kitchen since there was no reliable feeding scheme in the area.

But the need is massive and it requires the local government and business to work together.

The people of Cape flats so far have been given more than 6,000 food parcels.

“I am now moved to supply soup kitchens with equipments, but that alone will not be enough.

“We try our best, but the more hands we have on deck that is more people and more companies to assist, I think we should be able to eradicate the hunger and reach more people who are in need of help,” Plato said.