Zodwa Wabantu’s house was raided by thieves this morning.Thieves broke into her Malvern, Durban home and managed to escape with her belongings which included grass-cutting machines which cost R5 000 altogether and they also stole her perfume boxes worth more than R10 000 each.

Zodwa spoke to reporters from daily sun.ln the morning she posted while crying. She was really thankful to God that when the thugs broke in she was in Johannesburg.

“I wonder what would have happened to me if l was at home, maybe I would be dead by now if they had found me inside.” said Zodwa.

She also mentioned that the thieves also stole her bakkie that was parked in the yard. “But lucky enough for me they failed to drive it and they dumped it halfway ,” said Zodwa.

Zodwa wabantu whose real name is Zodwa Libram, said that when she is not around her boyfriend would remain and look after her house when he goes. But because of the lockdown her boyfriend decided to go and spend time at his own house.

“These thieves were not in a hurry and they had all the time they needed. My neighbours informed in the morning today, that someone had broken into my property . I then asked my boyfriend to go see what had happened and also file a report to the police because currently am far from home. People are starving and we are going to suffer due to the Covid-19 and also the stay at home. I am crying because I am hurt and people should also know that I am a human being with feelings as well said,” said Zodwa.

Zodwa also said the thieves left the house in shambles, clothes and broken cupboards were all over the the house. She also made another video, in which she said people needed to witness her cry out the pain.

“We all have go through some difficult path in life and this incident has caused me pain but I will not spend the the whole day like this.It does not mean am not hurt though but I am just showing you that we all go through sh*t at some point and l choose to pick myself up and soldier on ,” she said.