Government still shuns the sale of liquor even though it has started easing it’s Covid-19 lockdown measures



Even though the covid -19 lockdown is coming to an end next week.Alcohol consumers will have to be patient for the next several weeks for the restrictions on the selling of alcohol are not going to be relaxed anytime soon.

President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday announced that SA was still in the dangerzonr and serious measures have to be put in place so that the spread of the virus is managed. Nevertheless after April 30, the country will allow some activity to be resumed — but a number of lockdown restrictions will still remain in place.

The National Coronavirus Command Council has came up with a strategy that will determine the measures that should be implemented based on the direction the virus is taking in the country. As part of this strategy , there are five levels of the Coronavirus , there is level 5, which is the stage that SA and this stage requires the most strict measures.

The five-level plan to ease SA’s Covid-19 lockdown from May 1:
President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday night said the country will introduce a a slight easing of the current Covid-19 lockdown after April 30, until…

“When the country is now on level 4 on May 1, borders will still not be open to international travel, with exception to the repatriation of SA citizens and foreign nationals,” said Ramaphosa.
“travel between provinces is prohibited, unless if it is for the transportation of goods and on some serious circumstances such as funerals.

“Public transport will remain in use though there will be limitations on the number of passengers that can be carried and strict hygiene requirements to be adhered to, and all passengers must wear a face mask,” he went on to say.

The public is urged to to stay at home,unless the movement is for essential personal reasons, doing essential work and for those who work in sectors that are under controlled opening.

“People can exercise but must do so under strict public health terms” he said.

He did not give clarification on whether jogging and dog-walking are permitted under those conditions.

All public gatherings which are not as a result of funerals and for work purposes are still not allowed. The president strongly advised the elderly, and those with other health conditions, to stay at home and take extra measures to isolate themselves.

” Even though the government has allowed cigarettes to be sold , it still has a ban on the sale of alcohol. ”

“It is very important to know that several restrictions will not be relaxed regardless of the level of alert as long as their is possible risk of transmission ” he said, it is the reason why shebeens and bars will remain closed.

All social gatherings like cinemas, entertainment venues, sporting events to mention just a few will remain closed.

Ramaphosa emphasized that South Africans should wear a face mask everytime they leave home.

The clothing and textile industry — and all other small businesses — is working toward producing these masks on a huge scale.

The president explained that from the day he declared the covid -19 pandemic to be a national disaster the government’s main objective was to minimize the spread of the virus.

He said there was clear proof that the lockdown has been effective and with the help of other measures implemented by the government such as closing borders the lockdown has slowed the development of the pandemic in this country.

After April 30, the state will begiñ a slow and phased recovery of economic activity by applying a risk-adjusted strategy through which a cautious approach to the easing of the lockdown restrictions will be taken.

“This approach is guided by scientists who have strongly advised that an instant and uncontrolled removing of the lockdown restrictions could lead to a massive increase in infections.

“We cant take action today that we will make us cry tomorrow,” said the president.

“We must try not to rush into a reopening of the country that could later on result in the risk of the virus spreading, this will force us to enter into another hard lockdown as that is what happened to other countries.”