How the new Covid-19 unemployment grant will be rolled out has been explained by SASSA CEO



Busisiwe Memela who is Sassa’s chief executive, explained how the social security agency plans to single out and pay the rightful beneficiaries. President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier this week introduced a new coronavirus grant worth R350 to be given to the unemployed every month for the next six months.

This grant is mainly aimed to help those who are unemployed , do not have any other social grant and are also not on the UIF payment.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) will run applicants information against other databases to see if they are eligible for the grant.

Busisiwe said these databases will be inclusive of the SA Revenue Service (Sars), the National Student Financial Aid (NSFAS) and the Unemployment Insurance Fund(UIF)

Here’s a summary of what the Sassa CEO said:

How canpeople register?

An SSD and a WhatsApp process will be used in the registering of the people.

How are we going to identify the legitimate beneficiaries?

You have to indicate that your not employed, you are not getting any NSFAS funds ,you are not receiving any UIF and also that you are South African.We will then compare these details against the information we have in the database.

After uploading your information the system will automatically decide whether or not you qualify. If you qualify we will put you to the back-end and start the processing of your money.

Busisiwe ‘Totsie’ Memela, CEO – Sassa
Can foreign nationals also benefit?

Yes but they must have legal papers to support their stay in South Africa. Refugees can also qualify but only if they are registered .

When will the payment of the grant start?

We hope to start doing the payments at the beginning of May after people have registered.

Busisiwe ‘Totsie’ Memela, CEO – Sassa
The moment that you have been processed, we also start payment at that time. We are not going to wait until month end… We are going to try to operate like this for the next six months.

How are you going to pay the money ?

So far we three options that we can use ; an we are going to use mobile money, bank transfer and also an e-voucher.

Memela said we are going to work strongly with the with NGOs in different communities to make sure that the grant reaches people who are truly in need of it.