Sunlight is not a potential for coronavirus



The acting undersecretary of science and technology Bill Bryan explained that the new experiments that were carried out proved that the covid-19 is week under hot temperatures.The US president even went on to suggest that Americans who are infected with the virus could treat it by staying in the sunlight on a sunny day.

Trump said “a rumour has been circulating that heat from the sun has an effect on the virus”he later on asked Dr Deborah Birx who is the coronavirus task force coordinator to see if there’s any truth in the rumour.He went on to ask Dr Birx if she had heard of the rumour that heat and light have an impact on the viruses.She told Trump that she has not heard of it being used as a treatment and the President asked her to look into it again.

Bryan later on talked about lab test in which he said they used disinfectants like isopropyl, bleach and alcohol on the virus and these disinfectants killed the virus quickly.Trump was keen to know if there was a way they could try this experiment on humans to see if the effect is the same.

Birx directly told Trump that as medical expert’s they discovered that it less likely that sunlight can be a treatment for Coronavirus and also disinfectants like that are used to clean objects can also not be used as a treatment.Dr Stephen Hahn who is the food and drug administration chief spoke to Anderson Cooper from CNN last Thursday that ” l am strongly against the idea of injecting disinfectants in the human body”.

The way trump is grasping at straws shows that he is looking for a quick solution to the covid-19 pandemic.He previously suggested that anti-malaria pills could be the solution we are looking for and he went on to suggest that warm temperatures can also help in treating the virus.

Many medical expert’s are against the theory of testing the disinfectants on human beings.The Reckitt Benckiser Group which produced Lysol wrote on its website that “under no circumstances should the disinfectant be given to human beings.Two doctors also said the disinfectant theory makes no sense in the medical world and strongly warned people not to listen to this suggestion.

A physician who works at Rhode island hospital also warned people against using heat and sunlight as a treatment for Coronavirus.She said exposing yourself to the sun or intense heat however this can lead to skin disease or skin cancer.WHo also went on its page to shoot down these claims and side people should take caution when it comes to looking for cure for this virus.Heat and sun are no solutions to the covid-19 because even in countries where the temperatures are always high they are also suffering from corona.