Companies will be forced to employ South African citizen first



Top government officials said a policy is being put in place that will ensure that locals are employed first in restaurants and this will leave many foreigners jobless.

He was speaking at a press conference that was held on friday. The Finance Minister of South Africa Tito Mboweni said when he came back to SA from after running away due to political reasons in 1990, 8 out of 10 workers working in restaurants were South African.He went on to say that this is no longer the case though because ” majority of the people working in restaurants now are non-south Africans.After lockdown the economy should be able to address that issue and new labour market policies should be formulated to address that as well.

“We are not saying we should discriminate people who are not from South African but we should empower our own people so the number of South Africans working in restaurants should be higher compared to the number of non-south africans working there. .”

Mboweni remarks comes few months after Thulas Nxesi who is the Employment and Labour minister, said that his will descend on employers who are not obeying the country’s labour law by hiring foreign workers unlawfully.

When he was speaking at a departmental ceremony last year in year, Nxesi said that the increase in the employment of foreign nationals in the country was getting out of control.

“In this day and age will can not continue employing foreign citizens, and except peace to reign .If we take low-level jobs which require minimum to no skill at all and give it to displaced people. These are not rare skills jobs these are the jobs which we should give to the local people. Inspectors should not take it lightly with employers who are not complying” Nxesi said.

The South African Department of Small Business Development also recently announced that it will be working on a new law that will prohibit foreigners from working in some sections of the economy.

Khumbudzo Ntshavheni who is the minister of small business development said south Africa will not be the country to legalisethis other countries like Nigeria and Zimbabwe already have implemented this law.Which state sectors that can not employ foreign.