Gauteng liquor forum pondering it’s next move after ban on alcohol sale has not been removed



The south Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday night announced that the ban on selling cigarette has been removed starting from next Friday as the country is now on level 4 lockdown of it’s lockdown.CYRIL RAMAPHOSA COVID 19 LOCKDOWN BAN ON ALCOHOl GAUTENG LIQUOR BOARD

JOHANNESBURG – On Friday the Gauteng liquor board said it was deciding on its next move after Ramaphosa did not change his decision to stop the sale of alcohol whilst the nation is on lockdown.

The country now is on stage 4 of it’s lockdown and under the regulations of stage 4 no one is permitted to sell , buy and transport alcohol.

This has caused the government to clash with retailers and consumers of alcohol.

The Gauteng Liquor Forum has issued a warning to Ramaphosa to lift this ban and they have given him up to Thursday and they said if he fail to do they will settle the matter at the Constitutional Court.

The organisation said it was still talking to lawyers so that they know if they can continue with their legal quest.

The president argument is that alcohol is a great stumbling block to against the fight with covid-19.Its now only a matter of time before we see whether the Gauteng Liquor Forum Board has a solid case to stand in the Constitutional Court.