Two African man were thrown into an ocean full of sharks by Chinese crew



Two Tanzanian man were thrown into a shark infested ocean by a
Chinese crew and they justified themselves by saying they feared the two man had corona virus.

The captain of the Chinese cargo ship pleaded guilty to attempted murder after he and his six crew threw two Tanzanian man into lndiana ocean which is full of sharks last month. According to New York post the captain and his crew put together a flimsy raft made out of plastic drums, rope and plywood they handed it to the two stowaways and also gave a bottle of water each, a life jacket, and there was no peddle so they told them to use their hands instead yet they knew that the water was full of great white, hammerheads and bull sharks.

The names of the captain and his crew starting with the captain were Cui Rongli, Lin Xinyong, Zou Yongxian, Tan Yian, Xie Wenbin, Xu Kun and Mu Yong, they all accepted their crime of attempted murder.

The two Tanzanian stowaways are Hassani Rajabu who is 30 years old and Amiri Salamu who is 20 years.

It has been reported that the two to concerns of the stowaways men were asked to wear facemask due to the coronavirus pandemic but they refused.

Since the crew did not know if the two already had the virus so maybe that’s why they were refusing to wear the face masks the crew then decided to isolate the Tanzanians but they were providing them with food and water.

They later on asked the two to leave their ship and provided them with the raft.Fortunately, for them the raft washed up on the Zinkwazi Beach, which is near Durban, but they arrived after three days later and were greeted by shocked locals who sent went on to send them to a hospital for hypothermia, thirst and hunger.

When the Mv top grace ship docked at Richards Bay the African Maritime Safety Agency took the ship and arrested its captain and crew. The captain was fined Sh500,000 ($5,000) and his crew members were charged Sh250,000 ($2.500) each.

The accused were then surrendered to the immigration officials on March 26 after paying their fines.