Black Sash encourages the government to increase its unemployment grant from R350 to R1000


The Black Sash has urged the state to up the temporary Covid-19 social relief grant for the unemployed South Africans from R350 to at least R1 000

The Black Sash made this comment when it was reacting to social relief measures announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.The grant is meant to minimize the effects the lockdown has caused to individuals and households.

On April 21 2020 the President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the South African government will contribute an additional R500bn which will go towards the fight against Covid-19. The money will come from restructuring the country’s current budget and also from borrowing from international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the New Development Bank (NDB).

The Black Sash organisation said the measures, which include a R250 increament on all grants and a R500 increament on the child support grant (CSG) for the next six months, were a step in the right direction.

“These increaments will avoid the starvation of more than 18-million beneficiaries and they will act as a cushioning pillow against the economic effects of the lockdown and pandemic,” the organisation said.

It said the implementation of the temporary Covid-19 social relief of distress grant was an important intervention. It went on to say that this adult grant should be inclusive of unemployed parents regardless of whether they are already receiving the child support grant. The Black Sash said the giving out of the temporary Covid-19 grant was the first move towards permanent basic income grant for those people who aged between 18-59 years who do not have any income or whose income is very little. “Our state is shifting towards the progressive realisation of social security slowly”

Many South Africans relay on feeding schemes like the African Children’s Feeding Scheme (ACFS) which is based in Soweto, Johannesburg. These scheme, have been around for nearly 75 years now and they have been providing families with access to education health and nutrition. The outbreak of the Covid-19 has however left the organisation with an unclear future as some of their programmes have been stopped due to safety concerns.