Criminals are now using the provisions for funeral parlours under the lockdown to their advantage as they are now committing their crimes in disguise.This new form of operation was exposed by KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala.

Zikalala highlighted this when he was giving a briefing on efforts to minimize the spread of the coronavirus on Sunday, and he highlighted two incidents from the weekend.

On Saturday night, in Underberg, police officers spotted a A car belonging to a funeral parlour was spotted on Saturday night in Underberg.The police stopped the car and searched it they managed to find liquor stacked in the vehicle. They arrested the culprits.

Earlier on the same day, two drug dealers, pretending to work for the funeral parlour were taken into custody after they were found to be in possession of 80kg of dagga which they had hidden in the coffin they were transporting. They were stopped by police officers who were at roadblock in Pongola, and they arrested them.

The arrests were inclusive of the 1 182 arrests made so far since the extension of the lockdown.

“We welcome the great progress made by our law enforcement authorities when it comes to arresting those who are going against the rules and regulations of the lockdown,” Zikalala says.

“We want to appreciate the law enforcement operations for increasing their efforts to make sure people comply with the rules and regulations of the lockdown