Dineo Langa fired from The Queen


After asking for a three month break inorder to shoot a movie the presenter and actress Dineo Langa (nee Moeketsi) was fired from The Queen.

Actress Dineo Langa said she felt so betrayed since she was part of the first people who were there four years ago when the soapie started.lt is allegeded that she received a letter sent by Ferguson Films informing her that her services were no longer needed and should not report for duty after lockdown.

“She is really hurt at the moment she saw the Fergusons as her own family. Besides the loss of her job, she feels really betrayed because when she asked for a time off, they agreed. Then from out of the she receives a letter of severance during the lockdown,” said a well-informed source.The soapie Queen is produced and also belongs to legendary actresses Connie Ferguson and her husband Shona.According inside source , Cindy Mahlangu, who plays the role of Siyanda, and Zenande Mfenyane, who acts as Goodness Mabuza, are also going to be fired for different reasons.

The sources also said it was Langa’s exit that was going to cause a stir because she was leaving under controversial circumstances. Lauren Nell, the Queen’s show runner confirmed that Langa was given permission to go and shoot a movie. Nell said that scripts had to be rewritten fit in her request. “She was meet to return in April, but because of the lockdown everything has changed. All cast and crew contracts expire at the end of May,” she said in a response via sms.However sources close to the production said the producers changed their mind after giving Langa the go ahead to shoot her movie, and they ended up asking
her not to come back after the lockdown. They said Langa understood the letter to mean that she was no longer part of the soapie a
because of the three months break she was given. “How can you do that to an actress who only wanted to grow her portfolio with a role in a movie? What then should other actors do when offered roles?

“Can you see what this is? “The Fergusons roam around with their expensive cars and we wish them well but why can’t an actor succeed outside their company? I really don’t get it. In a leaked letter last week, it is allegeded that Fergusons asked actors if they are willing to work for free as part of their contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nell said Mfenyane was working on The Queen before the lockdown, but had decided to take some time off work until further notice “due to personal reasons”. Sunday World last month reported hat Mfenyane was taking time off because she was allegedly pregnant. The actress denied these pregnancy claims and she also denied the fact that she was leaving the soapie.

In regards to Mahlangu’s future at the Mzansi Magic soapie, Nell said: “Her character of Siyanda comes in and out to serve certain story arcs. She was actually shooting with The Queen before lockdown, and will come to complete her arc.”

However, Nell could not give a clear response on wether all the three actors will be part of the soapie’s new season, which is to be confirmed after contract negotiations between the Fergusons and Multichoice.

The mass exodus at The Queen began with the exit of Rami Chuene, who popularly played the character of Gracious “T-gom” Mabuza

SOURCE:Sunday World