Julius Malema said Government should also Food Parcels to Foreigners as well.


The Economic Freedom Fighter leader, Julius Malema has asked the government to also assist foreigners living in South Africa by also handing out food parcels to them during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

“No one should starve only because they come from Zimbabwe, Lesotho , Nigeria Mozambique or Botswana. We must share the little that we have amongst us,” he said.

Julius Malema said this while giving a speech on the virtual Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF) Freedom Day rally.

Malema also went on to say that when the financial and economic relief was announced by President Ramaphosa, he did not mention say anything about the African immigrants who live in South Africa.

“The food parcels and all the grants are meant for South Africans only, even the small business grants are also meant for South Africans only why are we turning a blind eye to immigrants.

Julias malema also went on to say that the country does not feel sorry and there is no unity that’s why other countries
in the world also do consider black lives worthy of dignity, respent and remorse.

“In all these aiding, especially interventions that gives food and short-term shelter for the most less privileged of our people, we must also remember our brothers and sisters from our neighboring countries who are still in our country during this COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Julius Malema also shunned the killing of other Africans in South Africa and said the Freedom of South Africa was also helped by the other African countries.

“If we can kill our own African brothers in South Africa, what is the different between us and the Chinese who are also killing Africans,” he said.

Malema also said the African freedom means the freedom to all Africans nomatter were they’re are in the world, therefore there is no South African freedom, peace and prosperity that can achieved without the freedom, peace and prosperity of the African continent as a whole

South Africa is celebrating 26 years of freedom from the Apartheid regime.