Yeast run out as South Africans use it to brew alcohol from their homes



The ban on alcohol sale in South Africa for the duration of the lockdown period has forced many South Africans to try out different ways to satsifiy their thirst. This lead South Africans to start brewing homemade alcohol and others have resorted to drinking methylated spirits. Even though it is a crime to brew alcohol at the moment, some had the audacity to share how they brew their own beer and the final products on social media platforms such as Twitter Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The recipe of the homemade alcohol consists of yeast which helps to ferment the alcohol and now this has lead in the yeast becoming a most sort after item and it has shops quickly run out of it . It has been highlighted that its production has been stopped as it is not an essential item, but another contributing factor could be the fact that South Africans have been using it to brew alcohol .

Bonag Matheba who is a media personality tweeted how this news shocked her. She said while she was watching eNCA, they reported what South Africans have been doing with yeast lately. She further on tweeted about her own cravings for fat cakes, but now she cant satsifiy her cravings since it is also off shelves.