A doctor from Free State has died from Covid-19, Also 135 health workers haved tested positive to the virus.



One doctor has passed away as a result of the Covid-19 in South Africa , however he did not get the respiratory illness in the country.

T Health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize revealed this information, he also said the government is doing everything it can to make sure that personal protective equipment (PPE) is given all health care workers.

He went on to say that about 135 front-line health workers in SA have tested positive to the Covid-19.

Mkhize was delivering a Covid-19 update on Tuesday night with other provincial health MECs.

South Africa’s covid-19 cases is almost close to 5000 , and the number of cases continue to increase.
South Africa to date has recorded 4,996 cases of Covid-19,This was said on Tuesday by health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize.

“There has been many cases of health workers who have been infected. The number of cases of health workers who have been infected so far has reached 135. This includes both the private and public sector,” he said.

“Among them there are doctors, technicians, nurses and other members of staff, so we have gone to find out what is the cause of their infection.

“Earlier, it was clear that it was people who have been travelling abroad, but of of late we are handling internal transmission, which makes it hard now to find the source of infection ”

Mkhize said the doctor who passed away from the virus was from the Free State and he was also retired. He was doing some work inside the sector.

“He had gone abroad, got infected by the Covid-19 and came back. Then he died in the early days of the outbreak in the Free State,” said Mkhize.

The minister said it was saddening indeed to loose a health worker at a time when health skills are needed the most.

Full information of the other 134 health Care workers will be given at a later stage, said Mkhize.