Khaya Dladla speaks out for the first time after he left Uzalo, he also gave some details on his relationship



After Khaya Dladla disappeared from our TV screens, people would really want to hear about the actor’s personal life after he left the popular show and how he is fairing

The multi-talented radio host and tv presenter Khaya Dladla, who was came into the limelight after he did well on acting as the flamboyant and quick-witted character of GC on, Uzalo, has moved on with his life. This was after the GC character was written off the TV series.

The talented actor who is also an entrepreneur and a radio host, recently opened up about his life to ZAlebs he went on to talk about his career in the limelight and his successful radio career, after playing the famous character on Uzalo.

Khaya started his career in the entertainment industry 23 years ago said his initial plan was not to be on TV. He went on to say that he saw himself dominating the radio and being well known for his beautiful voice on the radio.

But he was put into TV when Duma Ndlovu, the producer of Uzalo asked him to audition on Uzalo and that’s how he scored his big break on the show. The entertainment industry is known for the glitz and glam and Khaya says it can do two things to you that is either break you or make you.

Khaya Dladla

Speaking on whether the industry has always been what he dreamt it to be he said:

what I imagined it to be, obviously not easy, people are not aware of it , it has never been an easy journey, it has been a hectic journey. Some of the work you do it’s more profitable, some carry more challenges some are more touching and some you learn a lesson from them’

“From working with various producers and directors you learn that there is a certain style of work so when I to get to this point I want to work like this person and you go to another place you also learn that these ones they work like this and I don’t like this type of style, then I won’t keep it, so you tend to see that every day you learn and also ignoring some things is also very important because also there are things you hear about yourself that actually suprise you to think that people view you in that kind of way, the industry is dirty so you must check carefully.”

Khaya Dlala had a prosperous run on Uzalo, however, his character was killed on the show. The flamboyant actor became the favorite of many South Africans, and became the talk of every household . Speaking about his exit on the show he said he was really hurt.

“The thing is with me leaving the show, is l didn’t see it coming because l was not told that they were going to write my character off so it was really had to come to terms with it. Other actors are notified that they won’t be coming back but in my case l was not,” he said.

Khaya was diminished to a call actor on the show, but his future was unclear as he was not told when his services will be needed. He said he has moved on with his life because he can’t hold onto that.

“At the end of the day, there was no line in my life that said I was going to work for Uzalo and I did there was also no book that said I was going to stay on Uzalo for 20 years. It was just one of those things that one wakes up from and you decide that l have to move on and I’m so glad because I needed that time to myself I believe everything in life happens for a reason.”

Khaya said he accepts the fact that shows have different seasons and they can not have the same faces forever but, how a talent leaves the show must be done in the correct way.

“When I was realesed on Uzalo, there was no clear reason to say that maybe I was causing trouble , I was so professional, I even wrote lines for my character, I rehearsed for everything and my scenes as well.People called and told me that l have been fired. I would be like I’m not fired, but I’m now a call actor, meanwhile the truth is Khaya has been fired because it is not possible to put someone on hold for 1 year,” he said.

Khaya said if he had not moved on from the Uzalo saga, he would be still in one place and suck deep in debt.

“If I was stupid I would have kept on waiting up till now and end up being broke because, who was going to pay for my house and car ? Lucky for me I managed to pull through a radio gig on Gagasi FM, whilst I was still working on Uzalo.

Khaya said it is not right for soapies to say they no longer have a story-line for an actor because a story-line can be created.

“You can’t say you are out of story-line that is ludacris, then it means you do not have the right writers, you can create stories, I created stories for GC and other characters as well, I gave them stories and other actors would come to play their characters but I added story-lines to their characters”

He said what was funny was that they removed him after the SAFTA nomination and he felt sidelined. He said fans will never forget about his character.

“It is so sad that people tag me on stuff that I have done they always tag me on GCs videos and I’m like can someone just take this video down please, something that I performed about 3 years ago still circulates as current but I guess people love what they saw.”

Khaya said producers of Uzalo up to now they haven’t called him for work. He said maybe it was the channel that did not want him instead of the producers “What people see on TV is actually 2 per cent of what truly takes place behind the scenes, while there is drama on set the divas and actors are not treated the same”

“I noticed that there was something fishy going on between our talks with the production of Uzalo, after that, I told Gagasi FM that, I’m ready to move to another slot because, I already had a show there.”

Khaya said he is still open to working with Uzalo again should they decide to call him for work.

“If I get a call to go to work, I will first find out if the work is there, how long will it last, and l will accept it, whether it is on Uzalo, Generations or The Queen Mzansi, if its work it works, I don’t work for people I work for myself.”

Khaya said he has found a home, on the Durban based radio station.”I get appreciated so much, Gagasi treats me like gold, I respect what I do, I’m always punctual and I give my all to everything I do” he said.

Speaking about fame after the show and the fame of other actors who were on the show who are no longer in the limelight, Khaya said: ” Some of the actors on the show are probably poor but those who just disappeared have more money.”

He said being famous does not pay for your bills, but hard work and exploring various avenues to generate revenue pays for your bills.

“Fame does not help with anything it actually gives you stress and Twitter drags you and there are people who get into the entertainment industry for fame but they don’t have an understanding on how the business operates,”

Khaya is planning to have his own breakfast show on radio, but he is still working hard to improve his skills.

Khaya who is the owner of Khaya Entertainment Guru which is a talent and management company, has been busy with his casting agency on the side and has done variety of campaigns to manage his life.

Khaya also owns his own sneaker line. “I have all these little projects to sustain me now, a lot of people are at home because production companies are closed and they are not making any money but some of us are”

Khaya said he will be returning to our small screens soon.

“It is happening very soon, I’m having talk’s with various production companies, I’m trying to avoid playing the same character, I always want to try various things and use my creativity. I’m currently talking with Mbongeni Ngema for another production but I cannot give more information on that ” he said.

Khaya said up to now he still believes he is not a great actor, but every day he is trying to perfect his skills .

Khaya who hosted Men Council on BET Africa said the first episode was really challenging to me but he grew and rehearsed for it and became a better presenter.

Asked on when season 2 of the show is coming he said, he said he is not sure where he stands with the producer of the show Pepsi Pokane, because he is also one of the producers of Uzalo.

Khaya said he has decided to venture into talent management, because he wanted to manage his own brand, he said he has had enough of people who wanted to make a big money out of him and he would end up peanuts.

Khaya currently manages many actors who want to land roles on TV. He said he planned his 2020, 2 years ago and was hoping to slay this year, but the Covid-19 pandemic has disturbed some of his plans.

Khaya who is deeply in love with his boyfriend Mercutio Buthelezi said he gets irritated when people ask if he is going to tie the knot soon. He said this happened a lot after Somizi’s wedding. Khaya said why do we always need to have a next, everyone has their own pace.

He said he is satsified with his decision of coming out to the public about his relationship and exposed the reason on why he decided to go public with it, “I started not to like my DMs, they started to be stuff that I felt l needed to report and it was actually harassment for me, and the level of disrespect reached to a point where people would actually pull me on the side to kiss me I concluded that I’ve had enough with it”.