Smuggling cases increase in Limpopo



While the two nation’s Zimbabwe and South Africa are currently having their national lockdowns with their boarders closed, this has not stopped the trade between the citizens of these two countries.

Goods are being smuggled at a really alarming rate at the boarder post.

The citizens have decided to the waters full of crocodiles and rafts are now used as a source of transport to transport the goods which include alcohol.

Can we truly refer to it as “smuggling”, which implies illegal activity, when it’s being done openly between the two countries using the Limpopo river?

The citizens are conducting their business openly over the “great, grey-green greasy waters”?

Some may refer to it as exporting, some may call it humanitarian help to brothers in need.

South Africa is currently on a lockdown with a ban on alcohol selling and their Zimbabwean brothers are there to quench their thirst.

Many questions are being asked which may include, where is the ZRP or SAPS when all these activities are taking place?

Will the lockdown yield any results if this business continues?