T.B Joshua is fasting and praying on the mountain he said he will not stop praying or come down the mountain until he defeats coronavirus



TB Joshua who is the minister of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) is a popular pastor, commonly known for supernatural miracles he performs and a some of his prophesies also come to pass .Many people travel from all over the world to experience in person his marvelous miracle in his Church in Lagos, Nigeria where the headquarter is located.

The famous minister additionally dominates Emmanuel TV.
Lately , it has been found that TB Joshua is in the mountain sincerely praying and fasting for Covid-19 to come to an end . He also said he was not going to eat until he has defeated the Corona Virus.

This fasting and praying is coming after the Prophet’s prophesy in his Church that by 27 March Corona Virus would be no more . Alot of individuals accepted the news joyfully, trusting that the Virus was now surely going to end, however some people did not believe in his prediction.

Surprisingly, we are now coming to the end of April but the virus is still tormenting the world

SOURCE:Opera news