This is the reason why some people will not qualify for the R350 unemployment grant



President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that a grant will be given to the unemployed for the next 6 months to assist those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Applications will be made on WhatsApp or through using message however ever the Minister will give more information on the applications and how they will be given out next week.

It is important to know wether or not you qualify for the grant everyone will not qualify to get the grant. Here’s are the reasons why one will not qualify for the grant.

• lf you are employed.

• If you are receiving UIF payment

• lf you are a student that is funded by NFSAS

• lf you already receive a grant from SASSA . This is also inclusive of a parent of who receives child support grant.

• lf you are receiving any other grant.

The SASSA CEO also said that the application system will be able to identify if you fall under any of the above mentioned categories and if you do, you will not qualify. Please it is of great importance to know that foreign citizens can also apply for the grant if they are in the country legally and they are also unemployed