Teacher Threatens to leave their jobs if Department Forces Children to resume school



On Wednesday the 29th of April the the department of basic education gave an opinion that schools should resume on the 6th of May as an attempt to revive the academic year and gradually return learners to schools under strict protocols.

The department set out these measures on social distancing, explaining that physical distances in classrooms will make sure that not more than two learners will be sharing desks. Hugging , handshaking and direct contact by all means should be avoided. Cloth masks should be worn by both learners and teachers at all times. No mass gathering, all sports matches, choral practices and festivals are not prohibited. Extra classes should be done in small groups and social distancing should be made, as started on the department’s presentation.

Director-General of Basic Education, Mathanzima Mweli, said the resuming of schools will see learners in grades 7 and 12 being the first one to resume school.

“We are saying we will start with grades 12 and 7, which are your graduating grades. These are your older, matured and those who are more aware who will have adequate infrastructure in primary and high schools. For the younger learners, when they come they will help to orientate them,” Mweli said as Education Minster Angie Motshekga is expected to give an update on Thursday the 30th of May.

However, parents and educators took to social media platform, Twitter, to air out their disagreement about the resolution by the department, as one Twitter user suggested that s/he will resign.

C W M, @ZiphoratorSA, who is an educator, suggested she will end up quiting if the department insist on reopening schools while their is a continued surge of the Coronavirus. “Basic Education, if you send us back to schools just ensure that you have enough resources for safety measures or the department will have to look for someone to take my place because I can’t risk my life and life of my kids.”

Cellular, @robzinterris, said “What the Basic Education is suggesting is more dangerous than solving the problem they facing.They are talking about providing sanitizers, marks & food but all along they were failing to provide simple things like textbooks. This is just a way of killing our kids,” and this will be a huge task for the department to provide masks and sanitizers as they still having challenges in providing enough textbooks.

Meanwhile, Dlangamandla Crown, @Gaise_Nongedzi, said: “Government and Basic Education please don’t play with our children’s lives. We know you very well, that you take up to 20 years to finish a simple building of toilet. You fail to remove pit toilets and mud school. You want us now to believe that you are now going to protect our kids.”