Unemployment Grant Applications are now Open, Here’s is what you need to have with you



The government made a promised to the public that the Social Distress Grants will be paid starting from the first of May. It looks like the government will actually fulfil their promise and people will be given the long awaited grant.

Sipho Mnguni

During the weekend Sassa had a brief test run on it WhatsApp numbers, even though it was for a short period of time and they quickly closed the system.lt seems like everything went according to plan and the line is now open.

The public can now start applying using the WhatsApp numbers.

Here’s What You Need To Prepare

• Identify Numbers

• Your name and surname as it is written on your ID

• Be clear on Gender and wether you have a disability

• Provide banking details (Name of Bank and account number)

• Contact details (Cellphone Numbers)

• Proof of where you stay that is your residential address

The WhatsApp number that the public can use is 0600 123 456.

Or you can send an email to srd@sassa.gov.za.

Further channels of communication and applications will be open soon. Mainly:

° SMS’s and USSD’s

° Online application s and

° Self help desk

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Applicants must be:

– 18 years and above

– jobless

– Not getting any income

– Not benefitting from any social grant

– Not receiving any unemployment insurance benefit and is not qualified to receive unemployment insurance benefits

– Not getting a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme

– Not living in a government-funded or subsidised institution

How long will it take

Your application will be processed immediately.

Once your application is submitted, it will be looked for credibility and your genuine need for the service.

Even if your documents are not enough you will get your first month’s food parcel, voucher or cash.

However you must to take all the documents to the officer before the second month’s payment is due. If not, you may no longer get your food parcel, voucher or cash.

If there is no change in your situation after having received the grant for three months, you may apply to extend the grant for an additional three months.

How much does it cost

The service is free.

Application process

Applications for the SRD grant may be done electronically over and above any other available means of lodging such applications.

“We are still doing final touches on the additional access channels which include SMS, self-help desks and online application process. We will give information on these soon,” Zulu.