Khanyi Mbau shares her first experience with Blesser Mandla Mthembu



Khanyi Mbau is such a wonderful story teller. She is never embarrassed about what she did in the past to be where she is today. Obviously the woman has to constantly remind us that she came up with the whole “blesser-blessee” culture.

Khanyi Mbau has always been very frank about her life, and its suprisin that she was harshly judged for living her truth back then but we can all see that she is satisfied with that chapter of her life.

The way she shares her story is like getting some juicy gossip from your bestie.

“You can picture this girl from Soweto who is not that popular , I’m from a good family but i’m the lie i was seeing at his house is what i saw from R Kelly or what i saw from the movies. When we were dining he would be playing good music. I was like take my soul l don’t mind where do i sign. He took me to the balcony and asked what do you think about this place, I said this is beautiful. Then he said, that’s how l felt when i first saw you. He then told me its late i will take you home. He drove his Porsche and left me at home and later on called me to say goodnight. The next morning i was at his place to say take me…and we had it on that day.”