Papa Penny Lands Himself In hot soup



Penny has been called all sorts of names from being an abusive, cold and a selfish husband who only thinks about himself, he is being insulted by his own devotees, betrayed by many and attracted new enemies for himself probably he didn’t see it coming.

All this started after he booked himself a business class flight whilst his wife and child boarded the economy flight in this week’s episode of the reality show.

South African entertainer commonly known as Papa Penny.
Probably had his reasons behind the controversial action and the truth will soon be exposed as a part of his supporters are eager and patiently waiting to see him justify what he did to his better half and kid.

Keyboard warriors made fun at the episode and the majority of them strongly believe Papa Penny is not a good husband and kind of cold toward his wife.

The screenshot association department, as usual, didn’t waste time and took the screengrab to Twitter for examination and scrutinization and tweeps had a few words for Papa P :