Uzalo not making sense



The first day l started watching uzalo, I quickly changed the channel. The drama contains no moral teachings.I really don’t understand how can SABC remove ISIDINGO and keep UZALO despite of viewers. Uzalo always talk about hijacking in my own opinion can increase crime.

We all aware of what happened when we used to watch YIZO YIZO. Children were in love with that drama and they actually went on to practice what was happening on it. Though YIZO YIZO was filled with crime it had a lot of lesson to teach as it was showing how criminal are treated in prison. SABC should bring back ISIDINGO and remove UZALO.

We need programs that can contribute positively on the future of tomorrow. We cant be watching programs that encourage hijacking and make it seem like good dream. I don’t know what you all think about Uzalo but l have shared my own two cents.