Bonang Matheba Begs People To Stop Bad mouthing South Africa


Bonang Matheba has posted that people should desist from writing and saying bad things about South Africa she was critising people who are saying things that they do not know about South Africa where most of them have been circulating wrong information about South Africa in South Africa and also in other countries. “….please, stop talking shit here about South Africa. Jou swine!” She tweeted. Since Bonang Matheba is seen as a queen of South Africa, many fans have acknowledged that the Queen has spoken.

Her post follows a post about Tyrese who has been saying things that are not there about South Africa and as of now he has deleted them however the screenshot warriors had already gathered evidence already of what he had posted about South Africa.

Black Twitter has applauded bonang matheba for standing for her country and making sure that people do not tamper with it she has further showed sense of Pride and privilege for her country. Her fans have also applauded her for the bravery of speaking up against lies that were imposed on her country. South African will forever be proud of celebrities who do not only think about themselves only and their successes but however also think about their own country.

She’s still the most loved Celebrity by South Africa and this has shown why she stole the hearts of many South Africans by the simple act. she has embraced and shown how proud she is of her country . This must also act as a warning to people who were intending to talk about things that they don’t know about South Africa people should stop from writing things that will tarnish the image of South Africa and things that are not true about South Africa as a country that all South Africans praises Bonang Matheba for her bravery.