Fergusons gets support from actors and staff


Fergusons gets support from actors and staf

The exiting of viewers’ favorite characters on ‘The Queen’ has left many wondering, as to why this keeps happening.
The Fergusons Films, owned by husband and wife Shona and Connie Ferguson, has been entangled in controversy for some time.

Past actors have claimed that they have been underpaid and overworked. One such actor who exposed this was Vatiswa Ndara, who wrote an open letter to Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthehwa claiming she was offered a contract of R110,000 before tax for a five-week shoot.

Ndara said the contract indicated to having access to her talent on a first-call basis and an additional week for wardrobe fittings and makeup tests, at no additional costs

Many actors have complained about this and other complain of mistreatment after they had left the show.

The Fergusons cleared their name in May, saying the reason many actor’s
leave or die on the show is that the story is a telenovela and characters will come and go.

The recent allegation of poor paymt from another actor seems to have angered the Fergusons, as Shona posted on his Instagram account of production staff and actor Sthembiso Khoza being sick and tired of social media attacks.

Wesleigh Kaptois, who works as a post-production producer on The Queen, posted a thread on Instagram of his support for the Fergusons.

“It really pains me that you are being attacked by social media and that people are trusting the things said about you. If everyone had the
Opportunity to be around you and work for Ferguson Films, your character would never be attacked or lied about.”

Connie responded to the post, she commented: “Wes!!! This means a lot, my angel. It’s all good. We continue doing what we do with the greatest love in our hearts! Appreciate you! Thank you for being part of the awesome team that makes #thequeenmzansi great!”

Another actor Nathi thanked the Fergusons for the work they do and how they are treated like family.

Earlier in the week, Khoza made the ‘haters’ have nothing to talk about after his return on The Queen as Shaka. His character was ‘killed off’ in May.

He said: “Shout out to @ferguson_films @connie_ferguson. Everyone is just hating on yoll…When you the best people will talk, it doesn’t matter if you doing good or bad…I live by example.”