Brutus (Themba Ndaba) Scoops The Hearts Of South Africans Once More, “Give Him His Oscar” Says Fan



Once again actor Themba Ndaba has proven why he is South africas favourite uncle. He plays a rather intriguing character on one of mzansi’s favourite telenovela The Queen which airs every weekdays on Dstv Channel 161.

We all knew of the coming back of one the characters whose role had came to an end (Shaka Khoza), however the grand entrance that he made was mindblowing to many and not only that but also the response of his uncle (on the telenovela) and his step mother. Honestly it was legendary the running and that “Hayiiii Hayiiii” line was just out of this world.

Fans on Twitter were so intrigued by to the extent of one tweeps making an appreciation post about the the actor and director. He is truly one a rare gem that fans should appreciate.

The appreciation tweet reads:

“Appreciation Post 🙏🙏🙏 for Brutus

Give him his Oscar and flowers while he is still here too smell

He is a brilliant actor

I wish he was my nab’omcane in real