Public works official in hot soup for attending online meeting topless and in bed



The department of public works & infrastructure has apologised to the Joint Portfolio Committee Chairpersons and the public after one of their officials attended an online meeting topless.

On Thursday, during a virtual portfolio committee meeting for public works, one of the officials, whose screen name identified him as Christopher Mulaudzi, joined the meeting in bed and he was also topless.

The footage from the meeting was circulated on social media.

Cape Town – While the lockdown has caused many people to wear pyjamas as work attire, one Independent Development Trust (IDT) official was caught on camera topless and wearing only shorts.

The Dep. of Public Works and Infrastructure issued a statement on Thursday saying…

In a statement, the department we’re not happy with the official’s actions and said the incident was viewed in a serious light.

“The official was seen on the video laying on the bed, topless and wearing only shorts while the meeting was in session, a behaviour which the department strongly condemns as it downplays the importance of the meeting,” said the director-general of the department, advocate Sam Vukela.

Vukela said what he did was a serious offence which would be followed by a proper disciplinary process.

“This kind of behaviour is totally not tolerated at all and has brought the department into serious disrepute,” he said

“I have transferred the matter to the CEO of the Independent Development Trust to look further into it, to determine the appropriate measures to be taken.

“The CEO will in due course provide the minister with a report on the outcome of this matter and also the measures which have been taken in this regard.”