Skeem Saam Actress Shares an emotional Farewell Message



Dear young beautiful girl
Love Yourself and know your worthy.
You are more than able to achieve your goals/dreams, believe in yourself. You don’t have to relay on a man to take care of you, God gave each & every one of us tools to help us get where we need to. Work Hard, Keep Pushing & NEVER forget to put God first in everything you do.

Those are the wise words of Skeem Saam actress Lesego Marakalla, aka Rachel as she shared that she is leaving the soap opera. Marakalla was with the show for 8 years.

Although there are allegations that she was actually fired from the show, the actress maintains that she is leaving the show as a grown actress with no bad relations behind or ahead of her acting career.

“I will dearly miss my Skeem Saam family . I have been with the show for 8 years and I had made some good friendships and memories!”said Marakalla