Unathi Nkayi opens up about a rape experience that left her violated and traumatised



Singer and radio reporter Unathi Nkayi has shared a recent encounter with a male friend that she says was “rapey”.Unathi Nkayi shares a ‘rape’ experience.

Unathi took to Instagram to share the latest experience in which she says she was abused and left traumatised.Unathi

This comes after a nationwide outcry over the current brutal killing of South African women.

“Yesterday I was violated in my house by a man who had asked me out on a date and I turned down his offer. A man who l had already told that I don’t like video calls from men if I’m not in a relationship with them but insists on doing it anyway”, she said.

The “Idols SA” judge said that the incident occurred after she got a new phone. “I have not synchronized my contacts yet so yesterday I got a video call and I panicked because I did not know the caller, l thought it could be a family member so I answered it”.

Unathi said to her suprise it was the man who has been asking her out and that he was video calling her while he was naked in the bathtub. When she asked him why he was calling her, he flashed his private part to her.

“I hanged up and my colleague asked me what was going on. The man then asked me why I dropped the phone and I tried to ignore it and my colleagues were trying to console me I laughed it off. But it affected my entire day”, she said.

The “Halo Sana” hitmaker said that a conversation should be done about men that do things that are “rapey”.



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