DJ Fresh: My life is in danger my home’s been petrol bombed and I’ve been shot at



We all know that being a member of a bomb squad or firefighting unit can be very risky and life threatening but apparently so can being on radio.

947 star DJ Fresh has opened up about the harassment he has been getting so far for comments he has made on air over the years, saying that that he has been getting death threats, been shot at and escaped with his life when his home was petrol bombed.

The DJ spoke out about the risk of his job during a recent conversation with 702 presenter Eusebius McKaiser on Eusebius’s last day at the station.

Saluting Eusebius for speaking the truth to power, DJ Fresh said that being the “voice for the voiceless” often came with serious implications.

“Telling my own story, because of things I’ve spoken about on the radio, My life has been in danger , my home has been petrol bombed, I’ve been shot at. These are things I don’t usually talk about because that is neither here nor there. I just take them as occupational hazards.

“I’ve gone through all of that not even speaking truth to power half as much as you do, and still you continue to do it,” Fresh said

He applauded the broadcaster for being brave enough to “rock the boat’ when so many were happy to “play it safe”.

Fresh grabbed headlines last year when he left Metro FM, speaking about the joy of being freed of a “burdensome monkey on his back”.

The star was suspended by the SABC for allegedly using foul language on air, which resulted in him being found guilty by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA.

In a statement, he said his time at the station had been “nothing but full of magical”, but he would rather walk away than accept abuse.

“I have no regrets about how this worked out because I firmly believed fair labour practice is about correction more than it is about being grossly punitive. As a principle, I would sooner walk away from a job than accept such abuse.”