Video Of Young woman victimising another women gone Viral



An extremely heartbreaking video of some girls brutalizing another girl surfaced on Twitter recently leaving tweeps complaining and calling on the SA police service to urgently arrest the girl.

The very saddening video shows a brutal act of some young girls beating one girl in their midst, “hitting, and kicking her on the ribs”, a heartless act that could make one wonder why ladies talk a lot about male brutality over female if they could be so brutal themselves.

In a clear message of not giving injustice and any form of brutality against human a place in our society, we urge the law enforcement agencies to track the culprits video and bring them to justice.

The video has received so many backlash from Twitter users including Sam Zewas, SurgeZirc media founder who retweeted and called on the media to publish the video until they are taken into custody.