Zodwa looking for a man



Zodwa Wabantu has moved on from the heartbreak of breaking up with her ex bae Vusi and told fans on Tuesday that she has been on a se.x “spree” inorder to forget about him.

Earlier this month the dancer confirmed to TshisaLIVE that she and Vusi have gone their separate ways , saying the couple had many disagreements after her home was broken into earlier this year.

She said that she thought they would get back together but in a Q&A session on Instagram this week she made it clear that she is now over him.

When asked if at the moment she was in a relationship, she said that she was not, only on a sex spree.

When asked a second time, she said that she was still looking for her prince charming.

“Not yet, I am still searching,” she said.

Zodwa told fans that she does not tolerate negativity and tried to focus on the positives, but when the sadness comes she just wants to be left alone.

“When I am sad, I cry to let out pain. I don’t keep pain even for a day. I quickly remind myself that I am here to live. The merry and the gloom, days I love them both equally.”

The star’s relationship status has people trying to play matchmaker, and recently Zodwa told a fan that she does not need a rich man to look after her.

“I have a brain and hands to work for myself, Angiyona imbhungulu,” she said on Instagram