Department of public works vacancies

    APPLICATIONS : Preferably applications for Senior Management Services positions should
    be submitted through email to the email addresses specified per position.
    Please verify and make sure that your application is sent to the correct
    email address as each position is allocated a different email address or
    via post to Director-General Department of Public Works and
    Infrastructure. Private Bag X65, Pretoria, 0001 or Delivered at, Corner
    Madiba (Vermeulen) and Bosman Street, Central Government Offices
    Building, Pretoria.
    CLOSING DATE : 27 November 2020 at 16H00
    NOTE : The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure: ISA is an equal
    opportunity, affirmative action employer. The filling of these Senior
    Management Services positions as advertised will be positively biased
    towards persons with disabilities and women. An indication by candidates
    in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications. Applications
    must be submitted on a signed Form Z83, obtainable from any Public
    Service Department and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV,
    originally certified copies of qualifications (matric certificate, certificates of
    qualifications), a valid Driver’s License (where required) and Identification
    Document (certified within 6 months). Applications not complying with the
    above will be disqualified. It is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure
    that foreign and other qualifications are evaluated by SAQA. Recognition
    of prior learning will only be considered on submission of proof by
    candidates. Kindly note that appointment will be subject to verification of
    qualifications and a security clearance. Faxed or late applications will NOT
    be accepted. Should you not have heard from us within the next months,
    please regard your application as unsuccessful. Shortlisted candidates
    must be willing to undergo normal vetting and verification processes. Entry
    level requirement for SMS posts: Requirement for all applicants for SMS
    posts is the successful completion of the Senior Management Pre-Entry
    Programme as endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG).
    The course is available at the NSG under the name Certificate for entry
    into SMS and the full details can be obtained by following the below
    entryprogramme/. The successful candidate shall be required to complete
    the NSG Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme
    herein referred to as Certificate for entry into the SMS position within 3-6
    months. All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a compulsory
    technical or competency-based test that forms part of the interview
    process. Following the technical exercise and the interview the selection
    panel will identify candidates to undergo the generic management
    competency assessments and successful candidate to sign a
    performance agreement and be subjected to security clearance. NOTE:
    All Positions detailed below are seeking individuals with the following
    knowledge, skills and personal attributes: Knowledge: Infrastructure
    investment, financing and implementation across the value chain.
    Government policies and applicable legislation including the Public
    Finance Management Act, the Municipal Finance Management Act, the
    Infrastructure Development Act, GIAMA, SPLUMA, PPPFA,
    Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, Public Service Act, and the
    Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS) Act; functioning of
    national, provincial and local government; Parliamentary protocol
    processes; Linkages with government clusters. Skills: Strong leadership;
    commercial acumen; sound analytical and problem identification and
    solving skills; strategic management; programme and project
    management and financial management. Must be able to work
    collaboratively with industry and develop constructive relationships with government and SOEs. Advanced report writing; organising and planning;
    computer literacy; time management; decision making skills; conflict
    management; negotiation; motivational; and Influencing skills. Personal
    Attributes: High degree of probity, integrity and commitment; diplomatic;
    seasoned professional; highly innovative able to think outside traditional
    boundaries and ways of doing things; ability to work effectively and
    efficiently under sustained pressure; ability to meet tight deadlines whilst
    delivering excellent results; ability to communicate at all levels, particularly
    at an executive level; people orientated; able to establish and maintain
    personal networks; and ability to work independently.
  2. ERRATUM: Kindly note that the following 8 posts were advertised in Public
    Service Vacancy Circular 25 dated 30 October 2020 (1) Deputy Director:
    Human Resources Management Ref no: 2020/89, erroneously advertised
    with incorrect salary R733, 257 the correct salary is as follows: All
    inclusive salary package of R869, 007 per annum. (2) Admin Officer:
    Immovable Asset Register Ref No: 2020/123 C, erroneously advertised
    with the incorrect centre Cape Town region, the correct centre is as
    follows: Pretoria Regional Office. (3) Assistant Director: UMD: Budget
    Administration User Demand Management Ref No: 2020/106,
    erroneously advertised with the incorrect job title, the correct job title is as
    follows: Assistant Director: User Demand Management: Project Budget
    Administration. (4) Supervisor: Cleaning Services: Facility Management
    Ref no: 2020/141 (X2 Posts), erroneously advertised with the incorrect
    centre Cape Town Region (Atlantis Magistrate Court), the correct centre
    is as follows: Cape Town Region (Mitchells Plain). (5) Assistant Director:
    Utilisation and Contract Administration Property Management Ref no:
    2020/106, erroneously advertised with the incorrect job title, the correct
    job title is as follows: Assistant Director: SCM Contract Management. (6)
    Assistant Director: Utilisation and Contract Ref no: 2020/110, erroneously
    advertised with the incorrect salary R356 596 per annum, the correct
    salary is as follows: R376 596 per annum. (7) Senior Security Officer:
    Security Management Ref No: 2020/134, erroneously advertised with the
    incorrect salary of R208 254, the correct salary is as follows R173 703.
    (8) Driver: Workshop Ref No: 2020/140, erroneously advertised with the
    incorrect salary R145 281, the correct salary is as follows R122 595 per anum