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RCL Foods
Job Title
Farm Manager – East London
Farms Services
Job Type Classification
Location – Town / City
East London
Location – Province
Eastern Cape
Location – Country
South Africa

Job Description

RCL FOODS is seeking a Farm Manager to join our Chicken Business Unit. The role will be based in East London and will report to the Production Manager. RCL FOODS entrusts the Farm Manager to manage the Grand Parent operations and resources of a farm or number of farms thereby ensuring the optimal number of the right quality birds at the right time and at the lowest cost.
Minimum Requirements
A degree or diploma in Agriculture (3 years)
Valid Code EB drivers’ licence
Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in a similar environment, 2 to 3 of which should be in a supervisory capacity
Knowledge of poultry production inclusive of breeder and broiler management
Understand basic poultry nutrition, growth, anatomy and reproduction
Solid understanding of agricultural and farm operations and processes

Production Management: Conduct operational planning for future production.
Manage the farm to achieve production targets at the lowest possible cost.
Ensure operational planning, placements or depletions are completed and implemented by Agricultural Planning to ensure optimal production.
Ensure the highest standard of fertile eggs, chicks and broilers are produced to optimise production efficiency.
Prepare the farm to receive chicks in accordance with best operating practices (BOP’s).
Ensure temperature, feed, water and ventilation are correct for day-old chicks Maintain the chicken house environment at an optimal level throughout the production period Correctly calculate and issue feed and water requirements to ensure that supply is sufficient to meet nutritional requirements.
Manage feed stock levels and order when necessary.

  1. Weigh birds and eggs on time and as per the BOP Manage the vaccination process to ensure immunisations and vaccinations are done in time and according to the RPM, BOP and veterinary specifications. Information and Data Management Analyse livestock growth performance and adjust farming practices to ensure performance delivers the right bird. Use relevant information from Agric cubes and Mtech to analyse and to make the right decisions with regard to operational management and costs. Maintain and report management information to the Production Manager.

Ensure all checks are performed and recorded on the correct documents. Analyse water, feed, gas, coal and electricity consumption data to drive optimise production KPI’s and costs Budget and Cost Control Ensure the farm meets budgetary targets by working within agreed financial boundaries. Manage immoveable and moveable operational assets to ensure optimal maintenance and usage in line with best production practices. Provide input into annual capex requirements and implement approved capex programmes.

Manage consumable and emergency stock to ensure prudent financial control Administration Ensure that daily flock data is captured accurately and promptly into the information system on a daily basis. Ensure that daily utility meter readings (water/gas/electricity) are taken and communicated to the relevant administration clerk. Monitor and record feed levels on a daily basis to enable the calculation of relevant statistics. Ensure that immovable and movable asset registers are updated monthly.

Team Supervision Supervise the activities of the team to ensure production targets are met. Coach and support team members where necessary to achieve individual, farm and strategic objectives. Manage leave and general time management issues in line with company policy. Authorise all time sheets and attendance registers on a daily basis. Authorise leave application forms and submit them to the relevant clerk when necessary.

Bio-Security Management Ensure that protective clothing is always available and clean for staff and visitors. Ensure that all material that enters the site is fumigated. Apply all other bio-security standards in accordance with BOP and the RPM. Farm Compliance Ensure the farm and all its operations comply with all relevant TQMS, health, safety and environmental requirements as well as farming legal requirements relating to fire breaks, water usage and effluent management. Implement and ensure compliance with the national best operation practice. Maintenance Ensure maintenance of areas that require specialist attention. Resolve daily maintenance and urgent maintenance issues in conjunction with the responsible maintenance personnel. Test equipment and the standby generator on a weekly basis to ensure reliability and good working order. Test the alarms in the morning and afternoon, on a daily basis to ensure good working order.