Steers is a well established convenience nourishment eatery sector in South Africa, operating in nine of South Africa’s provinces.
Steers is distinguished for its grounding in every party of the sphere. We have coached and employed thousands South Africans within different management levels,such as franchisees, restaurant managers and general team. Currently more than 80% of all food served in Steers restaurants is produced by local South African suppliers as claimed by our excessive quality standards

There are 600 Steers restaurants in South Africa today. Thus, many job vacancies are there at Steers restaurants all over the country.

Highly demanded vacancies at Steers are ;
Kitchen Assistants
Therefore these employment settings are preliminary opportunities,which are accessible to applicants who may perhaps want to attain occupation in a eatery domain,no matter what any foregoing restaurant utilisation understanding.


Have Outstanding client expertise
Understanding to execute trading convenience
Preparedness and enthusiasm to monitor counter
Excellent communication skills
Must have clear criminal records
Ability to multitask in a fast paced environment
Ability to take initiative to complete test and solve problems
capable of meeting deadlines
Ability to prioritize and manage time
Must be able to work schedule including nights and weekends
Dependable with cash
Presentable with excellent communication skills
Moreover,operational stance such as Supervisors, Assistant restaurant manager and general manager are also available at Steers restaurants, however, applicants must have sufficient restaurant knowledge and perfectly framework former times to be employed at administration attitude.

There is no printable job application form provided by Steers on the web. If you want to apply for a job at Steers, you should directly contact your local Steers restaurant.
Applicants can reach out Steers on the institution adress  and enquire for available employment opportunities and the vacant application process. Therefore, applicants are urged to look out their notifications frequently after presenting applications to Steers.Applicants are urged to go to one of your nearest branch and enquire for available opportunities.

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