Job description

Key Purpose Statement

The key purpose of this role is to maintain, repair and optimise plant and associated devices to ensure plant availability and product quality at minimum cost without sacrificing standards.

Competence Requirements

Matric with Maths and Science​

N6 or higher qualification​

Trade test qualification in Electrical or Instrument​

2 year’s experience in an FMCG Environment

Key Attributes and Competencies:​

Subject Matter Expert

Deep accountability and strong team work ethic

Analytical and conceptual problem solving skills

Ability to communicate technical knowledge

Ability to train, coach and mentor apprentices

Knowledge of basic project management

Ability to optimise usage of resources and reduce wastage

Owner Mindset

Ability to solve problems on FMCG machines ​

Ability to communicate technical knowledge to operation staff improving their skills sets​

Ability to train, coach and mentor operation staff on ATO and 5’s principles​

Ability to optimise usages and reduce wastage with permanent solutions ​

Interpersonal Skills​

Work in Teams and Collaborate​

Strong self-management practices ​

Ability to problem solve using basic problem solving tools (5 why; fishbone)and involved in high level problem solving to identify root causes and loop closures – AB Reports , SDCA, PDCA ​

Ability to reduce machine downtime to minimum while ensuring that all problems have permanent solutions​

Ability to analyse various graphical data and open gaps to improve performance​

Ability to identify non-standard work and tag the defects with root causes​

Ability to identify required spares for restorations tasks and communicate with suppliers for the best possible price thus showing savings on ZBB​

Ability to be able to use electronic communication devices e.g. Tablets, laptops and other devices to help you understand the specific machines in more in detail​

Ability to understand camera technology and different type of algorithms​

Ability to understand software, bus systems( Asibus, Profibus, Canbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT) ​

Always looking for opportunities to improve MTTB and shorten MTTR​

Output and Accountabilities


Provide specialist support for coaching, mentoring and knowledge transfer of machine operation to shift based teams​

This will include standby, day shift and when requested after a time frame that standby will need expert advice or support​

Where requested, assist as a functional expert in problem solving for the plant and support to zone​

Take part, as functional expert, in regional and central office plant optimisation trials ​

Provide additional support to process artisan on machine operation, machine fault finding and correct responses to machine failure modes​

Upskill process artisans with latest SWI for machine setups or machine restorations​


Take part in maintenance planning meeting, contributing suggestions and clarifying work required​

Ensure backlog meets minimum hours and schedules are reviewed as per required frequency​

Carry out work during the planned maintenance window in accordance with the planned maintenance schedule issued by the planner​

Assist fellow team members in the execution of their tasks in during planned maintenance windows​

Partake in maintenance post mortems to feedback problems, opportunities and learnings from maintenance activities​


Partake in ATO cleaning, lubrication and inspection in accordance with the maintenance schedule issued by the Maintenance Planner must be resolved using the appropriate problem solving techniques ​

Carry out routine maintenance activities in accordance with the maintenance schedule where problems have been uncovered during routine maintenance, these required, additional resources may be ​called in to assist​

Where problems have been uncovered, and it is required to include the work in the planned maintenance schedule, this must be communicated to the Maintenance Controller & Maintenance Planner​

Carry out condition monitoring activities where these have been allocated to the Technician in accordance with the ZCM schedule​


Where problems have occurred during routine activities, apply the correct problem solving approach to resolve​

Assist fellow team members to resolve problems on request take part, as functional expert, in AB- Report , SDCA and PDCA on request​


Operate in a safe manner at all times, and identify and highlight unsafe work practices so that these may be corrected​

Carry out work according to the work instructions and adhere to appropriate AB-Inbev policies and procedures​

Carry out housekeeping tasks, and apply 5S principles during the execution of duties​

Present 5’s plans to team and management when required​

Raise sio’s and close sio’s related to your machine area​


On request, partake in carrying out running repairs on plant and equipment, or support the Shift Artisans in carrying out repairs​

When carrying out repairs, assess the problem and determine a course of action

Where required, specialist assistance may be called in​

This may include internal resources such as Instrument​

Technicians or Inspection and coding specialist or external resources such as Contractors or Suppliers​

Where repairs indicate that major work is required, such as re-wiring a motor, this must be transferred to the engineering workshop for attention​

Verify that where running repairs have been carried out, this has addressed the problem​

Complete the administration tasks relating to any running repairs that the Technician has carried out​

This includes all SAP inputs where running repairs cannot be carried out, communicate this to the Maintenance Planner to ensure the work is planned into the next planned window ​

Additional Information

SAB/ABInBev is an equal opportunity employer and all appointments will be made in line with SAB/ABInBev employment equity plan and talent requirements.

The advert has minimum requirements listed. Management reserves the right to use additional/ relevant information as criteria for short-listing.

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