Span: 12 Months

Allowance: R3500.00

The DCS is searching for people from different networks, interests and with suitable capabilities to go into a Further Education and Training Certificate in the Corrections Services Learnership (NQF Level 4). The capacity of these learners will be to contribute towards the restoration of wrongdoers through adjustment and human improvement in secure, protected and empathetic detainment or under the local area based remedial oversight.

Fundamental enrollment prerequisites

South Africans who are in control of a Grade 12/Standard 10 Certificate; or

South Africans who have effectively finished the National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4); or

South Africans who have effectively finished a Further Education and Training Certificate NQF (Level 4).

Besides, candidates should be South Africans who

Are somewhere in the range of 21 and 35 years old;

Have a solid person;

Are honest residents and are without criminal records (points of interest of the forthcoming criminal cases should be given during the determination interaction).

The FET Certificate In Corrections Services Learnership

The learnership is result based and is planned to contribute towards tending to the abilities deficiency in South Africa. The Corrections Services Learnership depends on a lawfully authoritative understanding between the business, student and specialist organization.

The Learnership Program will be introduced for a time of one year comprising of:


A ± 30% concentrated informative learning hypothesis, which is comprehensive of gun, physical and self-protection preparing, which will happen at assigned authorize DCS schools. Free convenience, dinners, preparing material, uniform (field wear and tracksuit) will be given during this preparation stage. The mandatory hypothetical preparing stringently requires the student to be obliged at the Training College on a full-time premise.

Working environment Training

This is a ± 70% working environment learning stage that will happen at the Correctional and Social Reintegration Centers/Units. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this will involve obligations identified with the restoration and arrangement of safety to guilty parties.

During this stage, students will keep getting an allowance. The students will be liable for their own convenience, suppers and transport.

No benefits store, lodging stipend, lodging endowment, peril recompense, clinical guide or extra time will be paid by the business during the hypothetical just as during the functional preparing stages.

The student will be announced equipped after the effective finish of the informative learning stage, the working environment learning stage, the last accommodation of the Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and the fruitful outside confirmation by SASSETA.

Any repudiation or deviation from the learnership understanding during the a year time frame will be managed by the DCS as per Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

On finish of the learnership, students will get a FET Certificate in Corrections Services:

NQF 4. Anyway the Department of Correctional Services doesn’t ensure super durable work from there on.

Step by step instructions to Apply

Download Application Form

Complete the application structure in your own penmanship. Indicate the learnership post which you are applying (for example DCS Corrections Service Learnership: Gauteng Region: Leeuwkop (Ref GP02). The application should be endorsed by the candidate (neither by an intermediary, specialist nor agent of the candidate).

Connect ensured duplicates of your testaments and ID that are not more established than 90 days.

Neither late, inadequate nor unsigned application structures will be acknowledged. Besides, no copies of finished structures, faxed nor messaged applications will be acknowledged.

Thinking about that you need to give your own vehicle and convenience during your experiential learning, you are along these lines encouraged to apply for learnership enrolment inside the Region or Management Area nearest to your place of home.

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